aug 26

2015 Coolest Android Smartphone with Two Screens

001While Smartphone becoming more and more important in our daily life, Smartphone manufacturers are always keeping improving in terms of the display, camera, storage, software, battery life and other performance. Even so, except for slight differences, all smart phones are nearly identical. Is it really not easy to make your phone stand out in an increasingly crowded world of so many similar products? No. The OUKITEL U6 android cellphone with two screens is a truly unique device and it will make your phone different from the rest!

OUKITEL U6 has two displays. The front display features with 5 inch HD IPS multi-touch screen; the rear display is 4.7 inch QHD E-ink paper multi-touch eye protection screen. Both of them are equipped with 2.5D radian trimming and tempered glass screen. Either side of the phone is 8.9mm, really thin phone. Well, it’s a mostly unique and crazy phone with double-screen.

Some people may ask what we can do with the double screens of the OUKITEL U6 Smartphone. Well, the front HD screen like a regular Smartphone for business and daily communication, such as web browsing, SMS, phone call, Email, game, video and music. TheE-ink screen looks like the Kindle for reading e-books or other long pieces of text. Of course, the comfort you’ll experience while using OUKITEL U6 depends entirely on which screen you want to look at. But the important thing is that the e-ink screen doesn’t use backlights; that is to say, it’s non-lit and mostly grey in color. Benefits? Yes. It can offers good legibility even in direct sunlight and good for the eyes, you will feel great just like reading on the paper books. Needless to say, it is low-power and can last for a long time.

After all, two-display is better than one display. One for business and normal useing, and the other for reading. One OUKITEL U6 = One smartphone + One Kindle. Are there dual-screen smart phones before OUKITEL U6? The answer is no. It’s reported that Samsung will develop a flexible phone with two screens that can be able to fold in half. But it hasn’t divulged any details on such plans. Yota cancelled U.S.version dual-screen smartphone and offered refunds month agao. And OUKITEL U6 android phone with two screens is available pre-sale online from gearbest and everbuying online shop. Don’t hesitate to Pre-order the coolest phone now to make your phone different from others!